toilet, training, japanese, piss, poo, shit, kids, strange 1. Funny: Japanese Toilet Training    Just added!
This is disturbingly hilarious: japanese toilet training for kids! Piss + Poo!  
chicken, girl, cow, bizarre, lol, humor, scared, strange 2. Funny: Girl Scared By Cow    Just added!
Scared girl traumatizes poor cow: Obnoxiousness ahead! Turn down your volume! You've been warned!  
mouse, trap, woman, boobies, screaming, stupid, humor 3. Funny: How To Catch A Mouse    Just added!
Here is a stupid way to catch a mouse: Just use womans boobies to do the job!  
atv, stunt, accident, funny, redneck, atvs 4. Stupid: ATV Stunt Gone Wrong
That's why stupid rednecks should not have ATV'S. Then again, was there ever a smart redneck?  
ladder, fall, home, shopping, funny, pain, accident, strange 5. Funny: Home Shopping Ladder Fall
Keep the orders coming, I'm just gonna look for my teeth! Funny ladder fall.  
house, blow, up, explosion, accident, fire, scary 6. Outrageous: Burning House Blows Up
Next time you are trying to make meth follow the instructions better. Or your house blows up.  
catapult, air, launch, stunt, stuntman, crazy, funny, moulign 7. Extreme: Air Launch Catapult
French stuntman Jean-Marc Moulign is ready to break his neck with this air launch catapult.  
steal, donation, cans, child, mom, stupid, jail, teaching 8. Funny: Woman Teaching Child To Steal
WTF - stealing donation cans! She is risking jailtime and losing her kid for nickles and dimes.  
bungee, jumping, granny, crazy, brave, free fall, funny 9. Weird: Bungee Jumping Granny
This brave old lady makes her first bungee jump! Way to go granny!  
bonfire, jet engine, entertainment, weird, knowledge 10. Strange: Jet Engine Starts A BonFire
I wonder what else they use that jet engine for? It seems to be mounted on a fancy trailer.  
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