toilet, training, japanese, piss, poo, shit, kids, strange 1. Funny: Japanese Toilet Training
This is disturbingly hilarious: japanese toilet training for kids! Piss + Poo!  
chicken, girl, cow, bizarre, lol, humor, scared, strange 2. Funny: Girl Scared By Cow
Scared girl traumatizes poor cow: Obnoxiousness ahead! Turn down your volume! You've been warned!  
mouse, trap, woman, boobies, screaming, stupid, humor 3. Funny: How To Catch A Mouse
Here is a stupid way to catch a mouse: Just use womans boobies to do the job!  
atv, stunt, accident, funny, redneck, atvs 4. Stupid: ATV Stunt Gone Wrong
That's why stupid rednecks should not have ATV'S. Then again, was there ever a smart redneck?  
ladder, fall, home, shopping, funny, pain, accident, strange 5. Funny: Home Shopping Ladder Fall
Keep the orders coming, I'm just gonna look for my teeth! Funny ladder fall.  
catapult, air, launch, stunt, stuntman, crazy, funny, moulign 6. Extreme: Air Launch Catapult
French stuntman Jean-Marc Moulign is ready to break his neck with this air launch catapult.  
steal, donation, cans, child, mom, stupid, jail, teaching 7. Funny: Woman Teaching Child To Steal
WTF - stealing donation cans! She is risking jailtime and losing her kid for nickles and dimes.  
bungee, jumping, granny, crazy, brave, free fall, funny 8. Weird: Bungee Jumping Granny
This brave old lady makes her first bungee jump! Way to go granny!  
woman, falls, water, stupid, lake, see, funny, humor 9. Owned: Stupid Woman Falls In Water
Stupid woman falls in water. Remember: When posing for the cam please don't overdo it!  
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